Monday, October 11, 2010

The man rests insouciantly,
While the beauty of nature deprives gradually,
The vast and devastating effect of industrialization,
Accompanied by transmogrification of lives by urbanization,
The miffing smokes in the air,
Inexpediently, we have got to go no where,
The sound that aggravates silence in my town,
Producing sound pollution, and let’s us down,
The purity of the rivers gone to hell,
To bring ‘em up, River Action Plans are the only sedulous bell,
Land is becoming filthier day by day,
And else ‘bout I don’t have to say,
The pollution makes me livid,
For its effects are vivid.

About the poem –
Our mother earth provides so much to us. So much scrumptious and important things that I feel to eulogize and rhapsodize about it. And in return what do we do??? We, pollute it, deprive it, exploit it and condemn it. The poem pulls out my feeling to change the world, To give it a new extension…
I wrote it seeing the present conditions.


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