Back to School

Monday, October 11, 2010

For days which I enjoyed the most,
Just came to an end,
The sizzling joys of summer,
Just became cool,
And we are back to school, back to school!!!

I was free during the holidays,
And enjoyed it in many ways,
For the strokes of bat and kicks of ball,
I have to leave them all, for in the morning my mamma calls,
Back to school, back to school!!!

For the whole day, I was in a muzzy mood,
And you know I am a cool dude,
The joys of the days,
And the true craze,
Forget them all, Back to school, Back to school!!!

These days are now a forgotten history,
And we are now indulged in Math and Chemistry,
For it feels very weird,
All my joys are teared,
I just have to say that now we are,
Back to school, Back to School!!!

About the poem-
The poem expresses the feeling which children often feel after the summer vacation. A student’s best parts of the academic year are the summer vacations.
But after the summer vacation gets over, things dramatically change. Again the practical times repeat themselves.
- Vaibhav Varun<


The man rests insouciantly,
While the beauty of nature deprives gradually,
The vast and devastating effect of industrialization,
Accompanied by transmogrification of lives by urbanization,
The miffing smokes in the air,
Inexpediently, we have got to go no where,
The sound that aggravates silence in my town,
Producing sound pollution, and let’s us down,
The purity of the rivers gone to hell,
To bring ‘em up, River Action Plans are the only sedulous bell,
Land is becoming filthier day by day,
And else ‘bout I don’t have to say,
The pollution makes me livid,
For its effects are vivid.

About the poem –
Our mother earth provides so much to us. So much scrumptious and important things that I feel to eulogize and rhapsodize about it. And in return what do we do??? We, pollute it, deprive it, exploit it and condemn it. The poem pulls out my feeling to change the world, To give it a new extension…
I wrote it seeing the present conditions.

The Stellar Nights

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stretching over my head in the eternity,
Seems as if up above there, is a world of tranquility,
Keeping some incognito secret,
Why do they don’t tell, why stellar nights regret?

A million questions and a million answers,
Still I don’t know why my heart ponders???
I trawl all my mystery pages,
To unlock secrets of stellar nights, that has been peculiar since ages…

The out of the-earth beauty of clusters mesmerizes me,
And I enjoy them up to my glee,
Stars and planets studded in the sky,
Let’s unravel stellar nights, give it a try…

This is disgracefully graceful one,
And we seem to be uninterestingly interested in it,
An unsolved solved mystery,
Oh! My Stellar Nights!!!

About the poem-
Perhaps, the poem has all reasons to become my favorite one. I think it brings out my craziness, inquisitiveness and madness for astronomy. From ages since, man has tried to solve the mysteries of cosmos and the quest is still continuing. Looking to the other aspect, I feel the night sky to be the most beautiful thing in the universe. Perhaps, space has got many unrevealed things entrapped in it.
We still try to know the basics of fundamentals of universe. I don’t when we will get it….
- Vaibhav Varun


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"All people party proudly due to prestige,
No one cares in that ease,
Let's wake up, make them work till peak,
Although the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

For we are here to make them feel,
For they can heal,
Those who need help and seek,
Although the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Let's work out for a cause,
Create a difference, not for a applause,
Fix out that plumb of leak,
Although the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

If we do it for a purpose,
It will benefit us,
For peace and harmony we should keep,
Although the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak....

"All the mortals are busy enjoying themselves but there is no one who cares for needy and poor. Although we feel the problems faced by minorities yet we don't take any action and that's what the poem is all about. It states that intention is good but the initiative is weak."
"The poem also requests us to rise and create a difference. We have to take up the initiative, work-out for a plan, and ultimately try hard to remove poverty and other problems from our country. We should do our work while fools are busy enjoying themselves."


"If I could put all my problems in spare,
And enjoy this world very fair!!

If I could tolerate all my anger,
And be in a mood that keeps me away from that danger,

If I could be pleased with what I have,
But never be satisfied with what I am,

If I could give a thrust to my hard work,
And yet never feel perk,

If I could corrugate myself,
And be a man of simple living and high thinking,

If I could keep myself away from all the orgy,
And just enjoy myself,

If I could, living in this world, enjoy a lot,
And yet never get distracted from my path,

If I could be the one who is on everybody's tongue,
And yet keep myself going on and on!!!"

"A man's desires are never-ending. They begin like atomic blast and expand like the universe. More the 'mortal' gets, the more he wants. It seems as if there is no previlage of satisfaction in the world."
"However, there are some people, who keep themselves away from all the wordly distractions. They are the ones who acquire the true SELF-EXISTENCE. I wonder how do they manage up."
"The poem explains a situation in which a man prays to God. He wishes he may enjoy all the things and still be disciplined.
I believe a perfect man is one who, being in this world, follows his duties, makes way for others and keep going on and on!!!

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