The Ghost of me

Sunday, June 26, 2011
                      ~~Tour de Soul...Don't co-exist with my rhyme, they crack like hell!~~

Feels like false ivory tower,
Cramps beneath a flailing power,
The brain synapses break,
And my organs become klutz,
A spare from me,
Yet a mirror of me,
Even my cheer stands on fire,
A hope is left; as big as stomata.

Jinx, is how I saw,
Jinx, the nuts in my head,
Jinx, I wanna shut the sun,
Jinx, brighten up my mind.

It opens like sand in hand,
The potential running into kinetics,
The stiff is now blood,
And the weak is now my heart,
It’s how you conceive,
The magic that you receive,
More than what you perceive,
It’s actually like you deceive.

Isthmus, on which I walk,
Isthmus, life of my soul,
Isthmus, the open crux,
Isthmus, the disclosed yet closed.
                                                       -VAIBHAV VARUN

                                       A short, but aggressive trial, moved to try some free verses, hoping it may work, and finally representing modernist literature. That's all I have to say for now. Go on for commenting on my fb wall or right here, right now!

Cool Artist

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It feels like a hundred shades,
Crawling above the heads,
Moves apart, Seizes in the destiny,
As if a wanderer met his affinity,
It feels like a million madness,
Black hole in heart sucking sadness,
My eyes wide opened, and sometimes closed,
As if a charm beneath me flowed.

Forgotten the harsh chase,
Forgotten the lusty blaze,
Forgotten the burning sands,
Forgotten the crude hands.

There exists a silence when I close my eyes,
And even the silence in the moment never defies,
Flowers wake up, lazily bloom,
As if the winds intentionally smile, a bit gloom,
There exists a craze in each drop,
A magic as charming as a mountain top,
I stretch my hands, to get the feel,
As if it spells, the souls that they heal.

Never understood, why it pleasures me,
Never understood, heaven that I can see,
Never understood, the song of the zephyr,
Never understood, is it a jolly or a satire?

I saw the angels dancing,
And faunas merrily rejoicing,
The earth became unevenly shy,
As if the lushes stared me with joy,
I saw, I felt the violin melody,
Looked like moonlight adhered to it already,
And the nature lifted me off her hand,
As if she kissed me far from land.

I took with me, the chirping of birds,
I took with me, the creamy faces of herds,
I took with me, the kisses of air,
I took with me, the motherly blind care.

I shall long for it,
Some smiles, some moments making me stupid,
A childish and innocence appearance,
As if there is an essence in every presence,
I shall bind it in my memories,
Some untold and unproved theories,
Nature loves us all efficiently,
As if it gives to us a sweet melancholy.

Days, which I would never forget,
Days, which were mine and secret,
Days, which were really optimist,
Days, which I spent with you, Cool Artist!
-          VAIBHAV VARUN

                                       Since, today is my birthday, so before beginning anything I would like to seek sincere blessings of my true readers for my better future. It's your attention and wishes that make me more determined and strong and made upto the level here that I completed my 5000 visitors! Well, this poem is about monsoon, my favourite cool artist, you might have all guessed why I personified it as an artist. It brings us so much pleasure and a complete change in tha ambiance. Everything just rejoices up. I tried to cumulate the monsoon feelings in this short poem. Hope you like it, and please don't forget to comment either here or on my facebook wall. THANKS!!!

Dark Energy

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seems silence got blended with horror,
And oceans cyclone into cosmos,
The nerves blooded with terror,
As if in chains, felt across,
Some moments never give up,
But the creeps really suck,
Two moments, it takes it all,
With the conscience appealing at each crawl,
Some divine, some defined,
Some devil, some twisted,
Every bad dream turning into reality,
Being taken away at sake of mortality,
For the fall of each tear,
Takes me away from the earthly sphere,
Things went on for unexplained,
Rigel and Betelugese staring with their brow tightened,
Getting punished for the things never done,
Burned beneath the heart on Titan,
Wanna jump off the cliff,
Remembering the days that were spiff,
It’s the end of the start,
Or the start of the end,
I gotta know it all,
Before it makes me fall,
The electric guitar on my head,
A Bass Drum on my heart,
Ceased, nowhere to go,
                                        -VAIBHAV VARUN

                  Must be wondering, why did I choose the title "Dark Energy" even though I didn't used it even for once. Quite absurd, but the poem was about Corruption. This is the advantage when you write poems, you can interrelate things magically, and this is what I tried to do. As we all know, corruption is beheading us in every aspect of materialistic life, a man never knows how and when he's caught in the bloody hands of this devil. The Dark energy reffered here is nothing but Corruption. I know it mistakingly got a cosmotic horror touch, because I wrote it at 1'o clock in night. Whatever! I wish you enjoyed reading and keep creeping on my page, Thankzxx..!!! 

Is this life?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Striking as streaking light,
Melancholy as the melody song,
Like underneath the glass which readily collapse,
Or the blank that turns into ash,
Where you never get nor lose,
But still, you tremble apart,
Switches are on, But,
You never notice; the fuses are gone,
Where you run million miles,
But the borders never exists,
Where you brake each moment,
And the limit never approaches,

Is this life?
Where each moment creeps behind,
And still looks so divine,
I wonder… WHY???

Bang on! When you get a step closer,
Hang on! When you get an inch apart,
If you feel the stars in the day,
Then you seem to have got some way,
Running in the black hole with sun on your back,
Like the candle in your hands in cyclone attack,
Living for each dying moment,
Comes every time a crux moment,
Beyond the blues, beyond the green,
A pulsating beat that’s never seen,
Beyond the sky, beyond the land,
The truth- Time really slips from your hand,

Is this life?
Where aggression sits beneath each silence,
And devil in a smile,
I wonder… WHY???

A crackerjack gut swirls ‘round the mind,
And a frost gets on the nerves,
A speed gets on to the blood,
And the teeth start mumbling together,
A sweat flows and sinks to the earth,
Brow tightens in complete state of confusion,
When you start feeling the cool winds hot,
And rub fire to get ice,
A single blow and all’s gone,
Even the zephyr can’t narrate it all,
Why the hell you thought its aggression,
It’s death- another life,

Is this life?
An eternal definition, a buzz never heard,
A incognito secret, never revealed,
I wonder… WHY???

                                                                 -VAIBHAV VARUN

            'Legend has its, no one has ever managed to look on to the unrivalled side of life, perhaps it's even difficult to describe it, and even more difficult is living life. Even after writing this whole poem, I find myself in question, but there's a step ahead when you write poems. You get to explore the beauty and devil of life. John Burroghs said that,"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see." It's up to you how you live life, but yes always enjoy it to fullest, as if each moment is the last one! Hope you enjoyed reading my poems, if you give your valuable feedbacks, I'll be boasted twice to post as much more as I can.

- Vaibhav Varun

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