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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It feels like a hundred shades,
Crawling above the heads,
Moves apart, Seizes in the destiny,
As if a wanderer met his affinity,
It feels like a million madness,
Black hole in heart sucking sadness,
My eyes wide opened, and sometimes closed,
As if a charm beneath me flowed.

Forgotten the harsh chase,
Forgotten the lusty blaze,
Forgotten the burning sands,
Forgotten the crude hands.

There exists a silence when I close my eyes,
And even the silence in the moment never defies,
Flowers wake up, lazily bloom,
As if the winds intentionally smile, a bit gloom,
There exists a craze in each drop,
A magic as charming as a mountain top,
I stretch my hands, to get the feel,
As if it spells, the souls that they heal.

Never understood, why it pleasures me,
Never understood, heaven that I can see,
Never understood, the song of the zephyr,
Never understood, is it a jolly or a satire?

I saw the angels dancing,
And faunas merrily rejoicing,
The earth became unevenly shy,
As if the lushes stared me with joy,
I saw, I felt the violin melody,
Looked like moonlight adhered to it already,
And the nature lifted me off her hand,
As if she kissed me far from land.

I took with me, the chirping of birds,
I took with me, the creamy faces of herds,
I took with me, the kisses of air,
I took with me, the motherly blind care.

I shall long for it,
Some smiles, some moments making me stupid,
A childish and innocence appearance,
As if there is an essence in every presence,
I shall bind it in my memories,
Some untold and unproved theories,
Nature loves us all efficiently,
As if it gives to us a sweet melancholy.

Days, which I would never forget,
Days, which were mine and secret,
Days, which were really optimist,
Days, which I spent with you, Cool Artist!
-          VAIBHAV VARUN

                                       Since, today is my birthday, so before beginning anything I would like to seek sincere blessings of my true readers for my better future. It's your attention and wishes that make me more determined and strong and made upto the level here that I completed my 5000 visitors! Well, this poem is about monsoon, my favourite cool artist, you might have all guessed why I personified it as an artist. It brings us so much pleasure and a complete change in tha ambiance. Everything just rejoices up. I tried to cumulate the monsoon feelings in this short poem. Hope you like it, and please don't forget to comment either here or on my facebook wall. THANKS!!!


  1. saumya said...:

    its really awsome varun

  1. shivi said...:

    its really nice poem.... joyful life !!!!!

  1. this poem is like a painting and the poet says the painter is painting itself... wow

  1. u write so nice poems!!!!!!!!!! hats off!!!

  1. thnxzzaa to ya all..!!

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