A Me in Me

Monday, February 6, 2012


I fall back,
Then I learn to stand up,
As I face attack,
I learn to crump up,
Then dare to face my face,
As a hollow sphere,
Which rises from unknown ace,
In the countless stories here,
I can't even confuse the confusion,
'Cause for me, I am myself a confusion,
I can't even complain the complain,
'Cause for me, I am myself a complain,
I achieve, then I think,
Why did I made it?
I sleep, then I blink,
Why did I do it?

Or some mind animation,
For unknown reason, an unknown creation,
With lots of laughs and agitation,
Some people patched up with me,
Some broke up with me,
But I still run,
With a twilight sun,
Some beautiful memories that I saved,
In me those happiness craved,
I know I was mad at times,
When I composed some crazy rhymes,
May be this is one of them,
Or I was causing mayhem,
For this is in dark what I see,
A dream- A me in me!

- Vaibhav Varun

                  You may even achieve the heaven, but until and unless you heart isn't into it, its not worth a true achievement. Yes, some times even the greatest loses are boar when you have your heart waking up with you, but the moment you lose your heart, there's no scope of good hope. So, it doesn't really matters what you win or lose, what matters is whether your heart is into it or not.
                So, put your only heart into one of my poems- "A Me in Me"
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  1. whoooaaaa... what a thinking... good n honestly heart-felt....

  1. postingan yang bagus tentang"A Me in Me "

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