Meretricious Slaughter House

Monday, November 14, 2011

Am not a sage, nor I envisage,
But it's all about a crazy rage,
Beauty comes to dead soon,
It's all I learned from humans' facial moon,
Those manly hairs of lions,
And muscular flesh - embedded tiger's canions,
All gone in a haste, in a greed,
We killed the fruit before it was a seed,
Why do we feel animals can't talk,
Sure they can't speak, but they grok,
Just think how dirty it is,
When you kill a sinless fish,
Not even that, you tear it's fin,
Boil in hot pan, you, it's skin,
And you feel panegyric by eating it,
Taking it's life, by killing it,
And all this to fill your stomach,
Hasn't the nature given you much?
You cry when your dears depart,
Does it gives same pleasure when you tear fleshes apart?
Man surely becomes a beast,
Seeing the blood removed, rubber like flesh feast,
Not even that, you remove their habitats,
And expect to be free from nature attacks,
Only if we don't stop killing,
Then according to nature's willing,
All those ghost of dead animals,
Will have revenge feast on your dead cranicals.
                                                     - VAIBHAV VARUN
                       This poem is all about making people aware of what they do by killing animals and eating them, or selling them or their flesh or other body parts. Things often feel best when they happen to you- think of it- if somebody removes your kidney and sells them or eats you eyeball, how would you feel? The same happens with the those dumb creatures, sure they can't speak, but they are not emotionless.
                                If we don't stop all these ruthless activities, then nature is sure to punish us.
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