Saturday, October 15, 2011
Let it curve, Let it carve,
Let it swirl, Let it twirl,
Let me hit, Let me love a bit,
Let me crawl, Let me calm at all,
I use a blur piece of rock,
I use some imagination from my stock,
I look at figure after my deed,
I look at fruit before it's seed,
I take a rock; 'price-less',
I make it a statue; 'priceless',
I tease, I crease,
I create a masterpiece,
And give it a monsoon effect,
With almost no possible defect.

Oh God! I make millions,
Statues! I already did trillions,
I make a non-person,
Look more beautiful than excursion,
But what about me?
Then came a voice from nowhere I could see,
Son, the way you take a simple piece,
And turn it into a masterpiece,
The same way,
There'll be one day,
When you'll become statue from an uncarved rock,
Taking some values from my stock,
And then I'll say, I tease, I crease,
I created a masterpiece!

                          This poem is all about a sculptor-maker and his creations and then a sequel of his conversation with God. The way he carves a beautiful product out of a simple rock is just marvelous to observe and it was even more thrilling for me to write about it... Just think about it... You won't even spend 50 paise for a simple rock, but you would willingly pay millions for the statue carved out of it, it has really got some magic in it. He creates a pre-image of what he has to do, and makes a "price-less" thing a "priceless" one! AMAZING! But then do we ever think about the progress of the artists who give such beautiful creations to the world? The same feeling of loneliness rises in the sculptor-maker in the second stanza. He asks God about what will happen to him next, he has changed the fate of so many stones, but who will change his fate? It's a question I put on all of you.
                      Finally, I hoped you enjoy reading, and as usual will comment on my facebook wall or right here. Best of life to all my readers!
                                                      - Vaibhav Varun

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