Anti-Gravity (Lost Last Chance ver.)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It senses like anti-gravity in me,
An anti-gravity like gravity,
In my fists are burning coals,
Of aggression, regression and unachieved goals,
I just swallow the broken glasses of dreams,
Dreams like reality ‘n’ reality like dreams,
Yesterday I wanted another yesterday,
And tomorrow I longed for tomorrow,
One time, two times, and not less than a million times,
It never ends like solarfield mines,
Illumination, is the only word I know,
That suits my deep dark glow,
And like a ‘non-person’, I have been betrayed,
Just the point is that I stayed,
With the words I had spoken,
Unknowingly, my mouth’s wide open,
Black hole sucked my cerebrum,
Fear freeze my cerebellum,
I hesitate, I precipitate,
I levitate, And that’s what I call my fate!
I touch and feel the blood,
It grows in me like a flower bud,
Speed of light is my limit angle,
A mystery, I am, like the Bermuda Triangle,
As I look up, the earth disappears,
As I look down, it falls on tears,
I neutrally neurotransmit neurotoxin to never,
Never-never land, I have been ever,
Why, I have an unknown neurosis?
Ah! Lemme ‘Google’ this!
-       Vaibhav Varun

                               This poem is all about the feelings and despair you get after broken dreams. Must be touching your heart coz it happens with all of us in some or the other turn of our life. Don't have much to say, so just concluding, I just wanna say that enjoy the verses, and comment over here and ma fb wall!

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