Dark Energy

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seems silence got blended with horror,
And oceans cyclone into cosmos,
The nerves blooded with terror,
As if in chains, felt across,
Some moments never give up,
But the creeps really suck,
Two moments, it takes it all,
With the conscience appealing at each crawl,
Some divine, some defined,
Some devil, some twisted,
Every bad dream turning into reality,
Being taken away at sake of mortality,
For the fall of each tear,
Takes me away from the earthly sphere,
Things went on for unexplained,
Rigel and Betelugese staring with their brow tightened,
Getting punished for the things never done,
Burned beneath the heart on Titan,
Wanna jump off the cliff,
Remembering the days that were spiff,
It’s the end of the start,
Or the start of the end,
I gotta know it all,
Before it makes me fall,
The electric guitar on my head,
A Bass Drum on my heart,
Ceased, nowhere to go,
                                        -VAIBHAV VARUN

                  Must be wondering, why did I choose the title "Dark Energy" even though I didn't used it even for once. Quite absurd, but the poem was about Corruption. This is the advantage when you write poems, you can interrelate things magically, and this is what I tried to do. As we all know, corruption is beheading us in every aspect of materialistic life, a man never knows how and when he's caught in the bloody hands of this devil. The Dark energy reffered here is nothing but Corruption. I know it mistakingly got a cosmotic horror touch, because I wrote it at 1'o clock in night. Whatever! I wish you enjoyed reading and keep creeping on my page, Thankzxx..!!! 


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