Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"If I could put all my problems in spare,
And enjoy this world very fair!!

If I could tolerate all my anger,
And be in a mood that keeps me away from that danger,

If I could be pleased with what I have,
But never be satisfied with what I am,

If I could give a thrust to my hard work,
And yet never feel perk,

If I could corrugate myself,
And be a man of simple living and high thinking,

If I could keep myself away from all the orgy,
And just enjoy myself,

If I could, living in this world, enjoy a lot,
And yet never get distracted from my path,

If I could be the one who is on everybody's tongue,
And yet keep myself going on and on!!!"

"A man's desires are never-ending. They begin like atomic blast and expand like the universe. More the 'mortal' gets, the more he wants. It seems as if there is no previlage of satisfaction in the world."
"However, there are some people, who keep themselves away from all the wordly distractions. They are the ones who acquire the true SELF-EXISTENCE. I wonder how do they manage up."
"The poem explains a situation in which a man prays to God. He wishes he may enjoy all the things and still be disciplined.
I believe a perfect man is one who, being in this world, follows his duties, makes way for others and keep going on and on!!!


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