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Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Today, I'm writing something on your side, girls. And believe me, if a boy does that, either he's in love or he is serious. Me, obviously, no chance of getting into love now. Last month showed me everything I didn't wanted, probably nobody. But kya picture abhi baki hai?

It's pretty much evening, if I want to move out of my house now, I don't have a fear in me that I'll be raped any moment, nor my parents have- yes, Am a boy. But I do fear fears. Your own insecurities kill you better than anything else- slowly and gently- but they do kill you. In the words of mine, fear is another form of death. Perhaps our girls are having a bed time with fear these days. Where fear exists- can there be love? Can you believe someone then? That girl, yes, that very girl who died that day made me realize one thing- a few deaths are more precious than lives of millions. But can you feel her pain? Can you tell how it is to be touched by someone you don't even know? Your mind protests, your heart refuses, but you are helpless, can you feel that helplessness? Does being innocent pays back so much? Do you know what it takes to carry a fear, an unknown of fear of unknowns every time you walk out of the house? Endless questions, no answers. I have a tear in my eyes, but don't worry, I'm gonna keep it through- this is how best of my articles are born. The girl left us. But what would be more worse than knowing that hundreds of such girls exist who are sacrificed and their sacrifice goes in vain. Imagine homes of all such girls. A father works out day and night, saves every bit of his money, just to ensure he would let his 'laadli' go off in shining red joda and dupatta someday. And yes, the girl did go today, but in a white lifeless cloth, not to her prince's house but to the ultimate destiny. Her 'Laadli' is no more, thoose hands that made her walk- today, they quiver and shiver. And her mother, to whom her daughter was her bestie. Who will share secrets with her now? Those hairs, ya those lovely hairs, that were immersed in beauty by 'ma', they lay out dead on floor, whose hairs will the 'ma' comb now? Can you even think how their dreams are shattered? How broken they are? You don't rape a girl, with it you rape the whole family, the whole society. Okay, Fine. You don't wanna worship girls. Don't. But everyone has a right to get respect as an human. Seems as if Republic is becoming Rape-public. Folks, you don't imagine your life without girls, do you? It's kinda hard to see how people worship Lakhsmi in the temple and you rape the same Lakshmi outside it.

And and, Dude, what's the govt. doing? Probably after watching in several news channels that politicians hang out with blue films in parliament, I can't expect them to respect girls. Somebody said, probably Abraham Lincoln: 'Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people'. Ghanta! So the government 'FOR' the people takes 4-5 years to hang Kasab? When it comes to serving people, you can't arrange a times meal and you say your budget is low. So how does it suddenly rises when you gotta serve criminals and rapists. Like serves like- it says all. You protest when somebody raises their voice against you- an act of a coward. If a person is true, he fears no opposition. People who are weak, drowned in ego try to suppress. When democracy is 'for' the people, that simply means you don't ignore them, no matter what the reason. Just because, it didn't happened to your mothers and sisters doesn't means you are not supposed to feel the pain. Rape of a single girl ( well, who said single?) made the whole country stand together. This is how much we love each other. Responsibility- an ability of response that only braves can have. Man, you are losing. Money won't buy millions of daughters that went away. Won't say RIP to you, it's impossible.

Hey girl, yes you, who's up there. Sorry dear, we couldn't save you nor I'm sure your death moved anybody in power. But you know what, this is how we begin. Millions die, a few like you change the meaning of death. Words flow all through the cosmos, mine will reach you for sure. Keep watching, someday we'll overcome this too. And Mr. Government, in case you don't react now, remember, those millions of girls up in heaven have much power now."



  1. Pride of renukoot pride of convent #respect

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