Now that's Me!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My mind becomes as vast as a ocean,
That drowns you, when you become sun,
I know I was weaker yesterday,
But then if you always see today,
Yeah- today in me lies weakness of strength,
Don't dare to look for my length or breadth,
Its all about how my ocean drowns you,
For it even swallows the sky blue,
I promised to the world, I'll rise,
And they looked at me with staring eyes,
But don't be dumb,
My silence never means I am numb,
For I surprise, I reprise,
In disguise, I device,
You stand there with boredom,
In meantime, my mind travels the whole solar system,
Slap me, and I'll still give you love,
Push me down, and I'll still look above,
I've learned how to cover broken path,
And how smile overcomes wrath,
"Impossible"- I've eaten this word,
Digested it as easily as a curd,
There was a time- when I could barely breath,
Mr. Me was close to death,
But then you know,
Every cry gives me a heroic blow,
Imma not gonna fall back,
Rise up from that hole black,
And now, if you see a diamond in black sea,
Feel it, because Now that's Me!

- Vaibhav Varun

                        Ever felt what happens when you go against the world, to face your own world? Yes, with every step you face challenges, enemies, competitors. But be happy you have enemies- assures you did something great ;) Just put your hand on heart and pull all through the way, and there you are!

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  1. Axon said...:

    accha hai tera award ki sakhya bad gayi hai ....................

  1. ahem ahem......
    are varun tu nahi bass.. kar.. akhir irna bawal dangerous poems kab tak likhe ga... :P :P :P

    jokes apart.... awesome varun harr baar ki tarah...!! superb..!!

  1. shivi said...:

    yoh..!!! its a reality 2 face world... bt ya true, alwazz follow ur heart.. coz.... I FEEL UR (ths tym my) HEART BEAT..!! hehhehe.. really bhaiya.. ths poem's 2 really nyc.!!

  1. thnQ....!!! a part of poem suits fr u as well.!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    nice poem , deep observer!

  1. anamika said...:


  1. thnkss...(anonymous) Dolly!!!

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