In Motion

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It’s sunrise, you wake up from south,
With a sip of tea in your mouth,
Because you wanna be in motion,
With more or less in emotion,
You go out and see a hundred cases,
World spits at you- slangs and praises,
You cry, you laugh, you jump,
You shout, you hush, you crump,
You sometimes levitate off to meditate,
And you sometimes without even a hesitate,
Go on to crush everyone under feet,
Even if its you or your heartbeat,
And then you feel guilt,
But there’s always a pride in built,
And as there is always a motion,
Under emotion, you often forget emotion,
You hit the ground but it always hits back,
Same as a running train in a cracked track,
And since there was motion in each of your time,
You have now finally read this rhyme!

- Vaibhav Varun
So guys, as you see the whole world is in inevitable motion and so is my poem. So respond that you like this by clicking on 'FOLLOW' ,posting on my fb wall, or following me on Twitter. And yes, comments are always welcomed.


  1. Chaitanya said...:

    Gud one dude .May u write poems lyk this further
    m a fan of ur poems

  1. Nothing to say....cause u r awesome...!!!

  1. thnks....BRO...u rock as well..!!

  1. your 'In Motion' made me motionless for sometime.
    hence late comment!!!

  1. huh? now your comment made me motionless...thnku bhaiya!!

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