Stars and Clouds

Monday, July 11, 2011

Adored as the king of nifty numb nights,
Dissolved into dead darkness as the hearty heights,
Enshrouded as if never found,
‘Cause Imma fellow spellbound,
Demotic Desire of denizen of death,
To say ‘wow’ at till the end of the breath,
In me is awesome awkwardness astonishing as,
A soulful and wonderful jazz,
Their sleek shiny smile so swift,
Makes my heart go another drift,
Thousands come and a hundreds go,
Sign of mortality, Oh Stars! You never show,
Staring eyes can only see and glare and stare,
Can’t touch, it isn’t fair,
Live away, high above, sparkle,
It’s not like a reality; miracle,
Another contrast with the grayish shades,
Loads of appearances and lots of fades,
As if the blanket of sun,
Deeds of deadly truth, only summon,
Flashes like a sumo bag,
The cracking of thunder gives ‘em another tag,
It takes my breath, me,
For there was emptiness and silence all I could see,
Stars glow, to their full gleam,
But it isn’t as expressive as it may seem,
For it takes one moment and that’s all,
Pride really goes before a fall.
                                                                        -VAIBHAV VARUN

                                                 We often look at the outer appearance and judge his\her internal powers and talent. We forget that colour isn't a scrutinizing agent to predict a person's character because we humans have got impeccable qualities. The poem says that Stars who have always been considered as superior often feel proud due to their prestige but their power comes to an end only when the mere and filthy clouds take them over although they are so ugly. So enjoy reading and post the comments on my fb wall or here.!!!


  1. Roopendra said...:

    A matured and lovely definition of immortal stars and it...:)

  1. saumya said...:

    stuuning poem lolzzzzzzzz.jst it ws mind blowing

  1. saumya said...:

    ths poem hs mde my mood
    really ase hi poem likhte rho nd mks my nd evry1's mood fresh:)

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